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Presidential Memorandum — Expanding Public-Private Collaboration on Infrastructure Development and Financing


SUBJECT: Expanding Public-Private Collaboration on Infrastructure Development and Financing

Cost-effective investment in our Nation’s infrastructure is critical to creating jobs, expanding opportunity, fostering economic growth, and improving the global competitiveness of the United States.  Many elements of the infrastructure sector are ripe for innovation, with new technologies and approaches promising significant gains in productivity, efficiency, and resilience.  Despite the potential for growth and innovation, the United States is significantly underinvesting in both the maintenance of existing infrastructure and the development of new projects.  We must use every tool at our disposal to lay the foundation for future prosperity and create new jobs, including better collaboration between the public and private sectors with respect to infrastructure development and financing in areas such as transportation, water, ports, energy, and broadband, among others.  The Federal Government can play an important role in supporting, promoting, and expanding opportunities for public and private partners to work together on developing and financing infrastructure in these areas, thus increasing overall investment while safeguarding the environment and communities and improving project delivery.

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Hello, Lisa and AIAI ~
A bit off topic, but . . . . My colleague, Leslie McMillan, and I are planning to run an article about Public-Private Partnerships in our upcoming Small Business Exchange Northeast Newspaper. We think the P3 concept has a great deal to offer, in a positive way. This website and AIAI provide good information, and we will be visiting often. Thank you.
Marie Sheahan Brown
Small Business Exchange Northeast Newspaper

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