“60 Minutes” has called for a Solution to America’s Infrastructure Crisis

P3 is That Solution


On Sunday, November 23 “60 Minutes” aired a special segment on America’s infrastructure crisis. The Segment, titled – “Falling Apart: America’s Neglected Infrastructure”, hosted by award winning journalist, Steve Croft, explored America’s decaying roads, bridges and highways and featured a special interview with Former U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.


The segment exposed a national infrastructure emergency that calls for a swift and effective solution. In addition, Former Secretary LaHood’s carefully-chosen words, declaring that “our infrastructure is on life support right now,” underscore the state of emergency in which our nation’s roads, bridges and highways are in. Throughout the segment, the question of how to solve these problems – and how to fund their needed repairs – kept resurfacing.


AIAI believes that it’s up to all of us, including both the public and private sectors, to solve this crisis through America’s increased use of Public Private Partnerships (P3s). P3 is a project delivery model that leverages the technical expertise, cutting-edge design skills and deep resources of the public sector for the timely completion of public infrastructure projects such as road, bridge and highway repairs. P3s also promote local economic development, job creation and opportunities for small businesses to participate in the process.


Successful P3 project case studies can be found across the world, and from coast-to-coast in the United States. Yet, as highlighted by the”60 Minutes” segment, the need for education about them is more important now than ever before. AIAI is committed to providing this education through its expansive and deeply-experienced membership base. We firmly believe that P3 is the solution to “America’s Crumbling Infrastructure”, and we invite both 60 Minutes and America’s citizens to engage in conversation with us as we work together to solve this crisis.

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