Texas is authorized to conduct P3 procurements for a wide range of eligible infrastructure, including transportation, municipal facilities and environmental projects.

Legislative Snapshot

Current Legislation

Texas Transportation Code Ann. §§222.001 to 107 for State DOT, regional tollway authorities, regional mobility authorities, counties and municipalities.
TX Transp. Code Ann. §91.054; §§223.201 to 210; chap. 228; §§371.001 to 153 for TxDoT
TX Transp. Code Ann. §§366.401 to 409; §§371.001 to 153 – Regional tollway authorities.
TX Transp. Code Ann. chap. 284 (subject to chap. 223 and chap. 366); §§371.001 to 153 for counties (with specific restrictions (population and location).

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